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I’m 30, originally from Mississauga, and work as a mechanical engineer.

My Experience with Melanoma

I discovered it a year ago (May 2010) after my wife recommended that I have our family doctor take a look at my moles.

Since the Diagnosis

I was most surprised by how quickly it got treated because of how important it is to prevent it from growing. Within a couple days from the melanoma being discovered I was at the surgeon having a larger area removed.

Advice I’d Give

Remember that the small moles can be dangerous as well. Pay close attention to colour because they have to start small at some point.

My Thanks

Thank you to my wife because without her I still wouldn’t have had it removed and who knows how that would have ended up.

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  1. Alicia Peltsch-Williams on said:

    This message is for Eric – kudos to you for participating in this video, and congrats on catching things early (and having a great wife by the sounds of it). We have met ages ago – I am Mark Cleland’s friend from high school so I met you in undergrad when I used to visit MAC, and at his wedding etc. I recognized you when this video was being spread all over Facebook (and for good cause). Anyway, just wanted to say hello, congrats, and great job! Hope life is treating you well.

  2. Anna on said:

    Thanks for being in the video Eric. I just found out I had melanoma a week ago. And like you, it was a little mole, that just had a strange change in colour. Within a week I had surgery to remove a chunk of skin around it. Here’s hoping catching it early is the end of the story for both of us!

  3. Jamie Paterson on said:


    I didn’t know. Knowing someone in the video really hits home. Hope you are well.

  4. I came across your video when one of my friends posted it on facebook. I am 20 and I only wish that I could’ve seen it when I was younger. It is truly eye opening and I have reposted it in hopes that it will be spread so as many people as possible can hear the message of Malignant Melanoma.

    Thank you for sharing your story. Your message has been heard.

  5. Nicole on said:

    Thank you for your story. I had a spot removed from my arm yesterday and I am waiting to hear back from the doctor.

  6. Betül Yüzüak on said:

    Eric is very strong. From the moment you are diagnosed early time point of life is of paramount importance.
    My father was 58 years old, white-skinned and malignant melenom. Early diagnosis is lucky enough to say ediliği doctors.
    Insert a hat. Please!
    With the hope to strengthen your health.
    Yüzüak Betul.

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