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I’m one of the Founders of the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund. David was my husband. We have a special section on the site to tell you about his story – you can click here to get there.

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  1. Marissa on said:

    Today i was watching the news. On the news they were discussing a certain video about Melanoma and an amazing woman raising awareness. So later that night when i got on the computer i looked this video up. I had never heard of Melanoma before, nor the dangers and heartache that follow it. I watched your video very heavy-heartedly. Then, I read your husbands story and the whole time i couldnt help but cry.
    What you are doing is simply amazing, I truely admire you for everything you are doing. To go through what you’ve been through and still stand strong, to raise awareness and prevent this from happening to others. You are a humanitarian and my idol.
    You and your husband’s story has changed my life, and the life of my partner aswell. I personally thank you for showing me how just how dangerous and how much of a toll this can take on my life. I will do my best in helping to raise awareness for your cause and i will forever be changed.
    Rest in Peace David Cornfield. Your story lives on.

    Marissa Wiskin, 17.

    • Hi Marissa,

      I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your kind words and for letting me know that the video did have an impact on you. It is messages like yours that make this all worthwhile.

      Thank you again,


      Sari Cornfield

  2. Banhammer on said:

    Sari, you are beautiful!

  3. Maria Biancucci on said:

    My prayers are with you and your baby! I pray your husband is in a good place! Thank you for having this video made and thank you to all who were in it!

    I have two scars left on my body from this after tissue was removed! Now I go for a skin check up every 6 months and I stay far away from the sun! I caught mine in time and young people don’t at all realize how serious this is. I have added this video up on facebook to spread the word – the video was so well done!!

    My prayers are with you – god bless.


    • Hi Maria,

      Thank you for your message of support. I love hearing from people like you, whose lives have been impacted by our video.

      Thank you again,


      Sari Cornfield

  4. Brenda on said:

    My son posted it and then I did too. We are both gingers (as if we didn’t have enough to worry about …). Thank you (and to everyone in the film) for opening your pain to educate. It is wonderful. Thank goodness this has gone viral. If one 16 year old listens … success. Get to know your skin – my new closing to my sons (just before I love you)

    • Hi Brenda,

      Thank you so much for your words of support. Your sons are certainly lucky to have you as a mom and I love your message to them right up there with I love you.

      Thanks again,

      Sari Cornfield

  5. Marlene on said:

    Sari my heart breaks for you, cancer is a horrible thing. I lost my twin sister to brain cancer just 6 months ago just 2 days before our 57 birthday. I really had never thought of skin cancer as deadly until I started doing Relay for Life and I am sure there are alot of people who think like that. I am doing my educational poster on skin cancer and I was wondering if there is anyway I can download the video so I could play it at our relay event in just 19 days. My prayers are with your and your son and family. God Bless you, Marlene

    • Hi Marlene,

      Thank you so much for your kind words of support, I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your sister and I wish you strength in the months and years ahead. I hope that you have lots of beautiful memories of her.

      Much strength,


      Sari Cornfield

  6. Soxi on said:

    I grew up in South Africa, and now luve with my husband and son in Toronto, Canada. I am a malignant melanoma survivor – so fortunate to still be here to tell the tale! I have been in remission for 27 years! I spent 17 days in hospital after my surgery, and had a very tough time emotionally (not to mention physically – I had a massive hole cut from my calf, had the lymph glands removed, and had a skin graft). Emotionally, I struggled for many years due to fear. Fir the first few months, I would write ‘goodbye’ notes to my family every night, and then tear them up in the mornings, grateful that I woke up! In a way, the scars I am left with are a constant reminder of how lucky and this last year I have developed a bad case of lymphedema in my leg. But I am grateful to be alive!!! My son is fair skinned and knows that because I had malignant melanoma, he is at a higher risk, so I am contantly ensuring that he wears sunscreen!
    I am so very sad for your loss of a wonderful man. It is an awful disease and the more awareness created, the more lives can be saved. I would really like to get involved in helping create awareness! I had never even heard of it when I was diagnosed!!!
    Thank you for spreading the word of the importance of taking care of one’s self!!! You are awesome!!!

  7. Hi Soxi,

    Thank you so much for your email and I happy to hear of your remission and wish you many more years of health.

    Keep spreading the video, telling your story and know that we are making a difference in the fight against melanoma.


    Sari Cornfiedl

  8. Kent Gulliford on said:

    Sari, I am the father of 2 boys, 11 and 17. One of my Facebook friends had this posted, and I took the time to watch. What a poignant and effective piece. I have posted to my facebook and sent to my boys. This clip will make a difference. Thank you so much for sharing your tragedy for others to survive.

  9. Elli on said:

    Dear Sari,

    today I watched your video and I was so touched by it.
    Last year my aunt -and my godchild’s mum- died of maligne melanoma. She left 4 children and a loving husband but never stopped fighting for them and enable them an as nice as possible childhood.
    I’m really glad for your work, thank you!!!

    I wish you all the strenght to raise your child and to enjoy the happy moments in life!

    Best wishes!

  10. Katie on said:

    My prayers are also with you! Thanks for putting this organization together, it changed my life 🙂 Your so inspirational and i hope you are welll. Thank you so much!

  11. Nea on said:

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that your video has been shared through some of the most influential fashion blogs in Scandinavia as well as numerous smaller ones 🙂 It’s really touching and well made. The first thing I did after watching it was finally getting myself a sunscreen with a proper spf.

    You are making a huge impact on young people around the world. Thank you!

    Nea, 23

  12. Tom Beaman on said:


    Without a doubt, your role in the video is the most touching. Your willingness to open up for others WILL save lives.

    Your husband was a lucky man to have found you and been able to share his too-short life with you. You do him a great honor by establishing this foundation and working to educate others.

    My best wishes for your peace,


  13. Hi Sari,

    I came across your video when one of my friends posted it on facebook. I am 20 and I only wish that I could’ve seen it when I was younger. It is truly eye opening and I have reposted it in hopes that it will be spread so as many people as possible can hear the message of Malignant Melanoma.

    Thank you so much to you and everyone else involved in this video. It truly has opened my eyes.


  14. Allison on said:

    You’ve done a remarkable job with this video, mixing humor, fact, and tactile emotion into one very touching message.

    I have just finished sending it to everyone in my contacts list. I sincerely thank you for your dedication to promoting awareness.



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